I am a film photographer based in Denton, Texas.  I use photography to document and present the life I see around me, as well as the beauty I see in lonely places and in places you don't normally identify as being traditionally beautiful. Often I am drawn to spaces that are void of people. A sense of either solitude, nostalgia, loneliness or mystery is what pulls me to a scene. Especially at night, I hope to capture that sense that you are privileged to a moment no one else experienced.

I photograph with film for many reasons.  I love the way it looks! I also love the unpredictability of it all.  I never know exactly how a particular film and camera combo will render a scene. There's always an element of surprise with film that I find very exciting.  Shooting with film also forces me to slow down.  Instead of shooting 50 shots of the same scene, as I do with my digital camera, I am forced to think and plan and decide in that moment what is the best way to shoot that scene. There's a sense of accomplishment I get with film that I just don't get with digital.  Lastly, I shoot film because I adore my cameras!  Each one is a beautiful piece of equipment.  There is no better feeling to me than hearing the sound of the shutter and the feel of the film winding forward to the next frame.